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Wistia’s New Features: Audience Page, Viewer Page, & Stats Digest [Video]

Wistia’s New Features: Audience Page, Viewer Page, & Stats Digest [Video]

In this week’s Thought Leader interview, I get a chance to talk to Jordan Munson from Wistia.

What is Wistia & Who is Jordan Manson?

Jordan Munson is a customer champion at Wistia, and has been an employee for three years. (In the tech space, that is like 3 lifetimes).

For those unaware, Wistia is a video hosting platform for companies who want their videos to work for them. It is a simple, yet powerful solution for your video hosting needs.

Jordan & I talk about why you may want to use video in your company’s marketing and sales strategies, and how video can add tons of value, humanness, and trust to your brand.

We then chat about: if your company decides video is a great idea, where should you put those videos? Do you put them on YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia? What is best for your business?

Jordan and I actually did another interview where we answered that exact question. You can watch it by going to our Wistia vs YouTube vs Vimeo thought leader interview.

Why Use Wistia for Video Hosting?

Jordan also spends some time discussing what Wistia allows you to do with your videos. How you can get away from the “set it and forget it” mentality, and really make your videos work for you. We cover things like:

Wistia New Features

Next, Jordan and I dive into the meat of the interview. This is where we talk about the three new Wistia features that were recently launched:

Jordan explains the basics of each of the new features. Plus, Jordan skillfully breaks down the reasons marketers & sales teams will want to use them.

At a high level, this interview is all about 3 main topics.

But don’t take my word for it, scroll back up and get watching!

P.S. Here is the article Jordan dropped in the interview: The Code Behind Our New Video Homepage

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